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We Finally Get a Proper Galaxy S8 Leak — Curved Screen, Rounded Corners, Minimal Bezel

We’ve been receiving bite-sized pieces of information about the Galaxy S8 for the past few months, with each new credible rumor and each new solid leak further enhancing our understanding of our new handset. Today we finally get a full look at the design courtesy of @evleaks himself.Evan Blass is the most reputable leaker in the industry, and given the proximity of the S8’s release and how this new image ties together several past renders, we are rather confident this is indeed the real Galaxy S8 we are looking at. So, what do we find here? First, we see the prominent edge-to-edge curved display we expected, but this time bezels have been further shrunk through the use of rounded corners and the removal of the iconic Samsung home button. We’ve been hearing that Samsung would opt for capacitive keys for a while now, and previous CAD-based renders also showed these bezel proportions.It’s worth noting that these rounded corners are far sharper than those coming with the recently-announce…

Google is Not Working on Another Pixel Laptop

Google’s Pixel lineup originally began with the company’s chromebook ambitions — the original Pixels were high-end, well-specced and premium laptops that managed to showcase Chrome OS’ true potential.It wasn’t long before Google decided to use the Pixel branding for other endeavors, including the Pixel C (which could have very well been a Chrome OS device at the drawing board stages) and now the new Pixel phone lineup. However, TechCrunch reports that in a small meeting with journalists at MWC 2017, Google’s Senior VP for Hardware Rick Osterloh communicated that the Pixel Chromebook has hit its end of the line, and that there won’t be any more premium Pixel chromebooks for the foreseeable future. This is sad news for chromebook enthusiasts, as the Pixel laptop only had two runs to iterate upon itself, and it was definitely getting closer to that refined vision of a web-first computer — even if at a hefty price.The Pixel name has found new success with Google’s smartphone line-up, thou…

Latest Xperia Keyboard has been Ported for All Android 4.4+ Devices

Sony’s stock Xperia keyboard has recently been updated to version 8 with performance improvements and support for Android 7.0 devices. XDA Member Shoot-niK has posted a modified APK of this version that can be installed on any Android 4.4+ device. Check it out!

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Island gets an Update with “God Mode” to Freeze any Installed App without Root

Island, XDA Senior Member oasisfeng, is an application sandbox that allows you to clone apps into a sandbox “Island” environment where the cloned app cannot access your personal data even if it has been granted those permissions. You can use this app to clone a permission-hungry app then uninstall the original, and then furthermore freeze the cloned app to kill background services. Now, a recent update introduces “God mode” which allows you to freeze applications without cloning it. All of this, without root!

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InstaWide Helps you Post Wide/Panorama Images to Instagram

Instagram recently updated to let you upload up to 10 photos to a post. InstaWide, from XDA Senior Member alirezaafkar, takes advantage of this new feature and helps you to divide and crop your wide or panorama photos so they can be posted as an album.

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Radify is an Internet Radio Application with Over 25,000 Stations

Radify is a curated list of internet radio stations from XDA Senior Member ivan123. The stations are available in over 200 countries and you can pick from 25,000 different stations. You even have the ability to pick your station based on location, genres, moods and themes.

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How to Clone any Application with EMUI’s App Twin Feature [No Root]

If you’ve recently purchased a Huawei Mate 9 or you’re one of the lucky few to partake in the EMUI 5.0 beta for some Huawei/Honor devices, then you might have heard of the new “App Twin” feature.Evidently, Huawei must consider this feature one of EMUI’s biggest selling points, since they stuck it in the top-most layer of the Settings application. App Twin, as you might expect from its name, allows you to create a duplicate application so you can log-in to two different accounts at the same time. Owners of a European model can duplicate Whatsapp or Facebook while Chinese models can duplicate QQ or Wechat, but these are your only options by default.When you duplicate one of these applications, a new app icon will be created on your home screen that allows you to start the duplicated app. You’ll see a little “2” card icon within the app icon that indicates which app you’re using – the original or duplicate. This duplicate application can only exist on Huawei’s stock launcher, and when th…

Viaje a Un'Goro, la gran expansión de Hearthstone que llega en abril con nuevas cartas y mecánicas

Corría el mes de marzo de 2014 cuando Blizzard decidía combinar uno de sus mayores éxitos de ventas y jugadores hasta la fecha, Warcraft, con el ecosistema de los teléfonos móviles, con un sector de juegos al alza de forma imparable. El día 11 de dicho mes, Blizzard desveló un juego que llevaba tiempo filtrándose y anunciándose. Llegaba Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, y en 2015 aterrizó en smartphones.Durante todo este tiempo, Blizzard no ha dejado de lado su juego, ni mucho menos, sino que ha ido introduciendo pequeños cambios y mejoras con el objetivo de hacer más competitivo y equilibrado para cada una de las razas y cartas. Ahora, el título para móviles con mejor doblaje al castellano que se recuerda se prepara para recibir una gran expansión. Viaje a Un'Goro ya nos ha dado parte de sus claves.El trailer de Viaje a Un'Goro Dad la bienvenida al ElementalComo parte de esta nueva expansión, Hearthstone liberará un nuevo tipo de criatura, el Elemental. Este elemental nos permi…

Amazon is Reportedly Working on Advanced Voice-Recognition for Alexa

According to a new report coming out of Time, it appears Amazon is internally working on a new technology to further improve the voice recognition capabilities of Alexa.Amazon is reportedly developing a new technology which would allow it to identify and distinguish between individual voices. That means Alexa might be able to recognize whether a voice command is given by you or anyone else in your household.Internally known as “Voice ID,” the feature has been in development since last year and is almost ready for launch, according to the person familiar with the matter who spoke with Time. The goal behind the new Voice ID technology is to prevent unauthorized access, implement a more personalized user experience for every account, and make Alexa more seamless for all family members. Once launched, the feature could be used to impose more restricted accessibility over other family members’ accounts to prevent them from making unauthorized purchases or controlling smart home appliances.…

Google Home is Scheduled to Launch in the UK by June

Google Home might not have impressed everybody when it launched, but it’s still a nice entry product into home assistants for the Mountain View technology giant.Fans of Google Assistant have been pushing Google to focus on it and natural language technology as much as Amazon has been with their Alexa platform, but we have to remember that Google Home isn’t even widely available right now. Currently, Google Home is only available in the United States. However, that may soon be changing.Reporters at the BBC spoke with Google representatives at Mobile World Congress this year and they were greeted with some good news for customers who live in the United Kingdom. While a release date or launch price has not yet been set in stone, Google has confirmed with the BBC that Google Home should be available in the UK before the end of June.This delay isn’t too surprising given the nature of the product. While Amazon’s Alexa platform is good at taking specific commands, Google is trying to make th…

Huawei Missed their Profit Target for 2016, Talks of Possible Layoffs

Huawei is one of the largest smartphone OEMs in the world right now.The company is undoubtedly facing a lot of pressure to meet their sales targets and maintain their lead over their competitors. However, a recent report confirms that Huawei’s mobile division ended up missing their internal profit target for the year of 2016. Richard Yu, the head of Huawei’s consumer business division, was at Mobile World Congress this year to discuss the issue.Mr. Yu told Reuters that, while the mobile division was still profitable last year, their margins were lower than what they had aimed for. Since Huawei’s mobile division accounts for a third of the company’s total revenue, missing that goal is a big deal. As a result, The Huawei Group founder and CEO, Ren Zhengfei, sent an internal memo to employees to discuss the situation and encourage the company’s staff to improve their numbers.Of particular note, the memo contains a line that states that “Huawei will not pay for those that don’t work hard,…

Palm, la opción de una resurrección a medias sobre la mesa de TCL

Los seres humanos funcionamos por ciclos, y ese mismo sistema hace que lo que una vez fue vuelva a ser, con menos fuerza quizá y apellidado vintage, pero las modas vuelven tarde o temprano. Ahora vivimos una invasión de productos de los 80 en televisión, la NES mini es una de las consolas más buscadas, el Nokia 3310 ha hecho su aparición en Barcelona y hasta BlackBerry muestra signos de vida después de bastantes años.Precisamente sobre BlackBerry trata esta noticia que ahora vamos a daros. No exactamente sobre BlackBerry sino sobre TCL, la marca que ahora fabrica sus teléfonos. Como también fabrica los de Alcatel y como también podría fabricar teléfonos de Palm. Aquella vieja marca de telefonía que fue la responsable de poner a WebOS sobre la faz de la tierra y que acabó consumida, puede reaparecer. A medias.El ocaso de una gran marcaA los más viejos del lugar les sonará la serie 600 de Treo, la última en incluir la plataforma propia de Palm en su interior antes de dar el salto a Wind…

Xiaomi Mi 5c y Redmi 4X, así encajan dentro del catálogo completo de smartphones Xiaomi en 2017

Xiaomi no ha desaprovechado la oportunidad del MWC 2017 y ha querido tener su parte de protagonismo presentando dos novedades en su catálogo de smartphones en gama media con un Xiaomi Mi 5c que estrena el primer procesador de fabricación propia y el Xiaomi RedMi 4x algo más modesto.Tras estas incorporaciones, el fabricante vuelve a dar otra vuelta a su portfolio que parece renovarse casi por completo cada seis meses por lo que vamos a poner en perspectiva las novedades de los últimos meses para entender cómo organiza Xiaomi su catálogo de smartphones y conocer las diferencias entre modelos de la misma gama, todas las especificaciones y los análisis en vídeo.Los dos nuevos integrantes fortalecen un portfolio cada vez mejor equipado reforzando su posición no solo frente a marcas chinas con las que compite directamente como Huawei, ZTE, Meizu, OnePlus, Asus u Oppo entre otras, sino también con marcas asentadas a las que pretende desbancar en unos cinco o diez años como Samsung, Apple, LG

Google Announces Play Store Changes to Help Promote Great Games

While a lot of Android publications are currently talking about Mobile World Congress 2017 from Barcelona, there’s also another big convention going on right now: The Game Developers Conference is currently happening too, and since Google has their hand in mobile gaming, it makes sense for them to be there right now as well. Along with 5 new games that Google just announced are available for pre-registration, they also announced some new tools to help good mobile games get discovered more often.The first new feature that will be seen by both developers and the end user is the ability to show that a game in the Play Store is on sale. Some parts of the Play Store currently do things this way right now (like Movies and Books), but we haven’t had this feature available for music or applications/games yet. Earlier this month Google did a small test with a select number of developers that allowed them to put their game on sale and display this price change right on the application page.Goog…

Aura o cómo ahorrar miles de llamadas al servicio de atención al cliente

Aura, lo que conocíamos hasta ahora como la cuarta plataforma de Telefónica, ya se ha presentado a la sociedad. Poco queda de aquello que el operador nos contó en el pasado Encuentro de las Telecomunicaciones de Santander, porque lo que pudimos ver en el MWC es mucho más grande que aquel "devolver el control de los datos a los clientes" que nos dejó más dudas que certezas.Telefónica sigue con su idea de que sus clientes puedan "mercadear" con los datos que generan como tales, consiguiendo descuentos o pagos directos por ello, aunque esos casos de uso se pasaron por alto en la presentación. La pata principal en la que ha insistido el operador es la que permite ejecutar acciones mediante la voz con una app, tales como consultar facturas, los canales de su TV o incluso bloquear el acceso WiFi a ciertos dispositivos. Y eso ahorrará miles de llamadas al servicio de atención al cliente del operador.La cuarta plataforma tiene dos vertientes y una de ellas era desconocida …

Spreadtrum to Base an Upcoming Chip on Intel’s Atom Architecture

Intel definitely made a mistake when it came to approaching the mobile chip market. The company refused to focus on things like power efficiency once smartphones started to gain traction and this led to a number of other companies stepping up and filling the void. Then when Intel changed their mind, it almost felt like it was too late since others like Qualcomm, Samsung and Huawei had already matured their mobile chip businesses.We did see a few smartphones and tablets opt for an Intel x86 SoC, like the ASUS Zenfone 2, but it ultimately wasn’t enough for the desktop and server chip company to gain enough momentum. The lead mobile chip executive left the company in April of last year, then a month later we started seeing reports claim Intel spent over $10 billion trying to play catch up in the mobile space before eventually giving up. Many felt the Intel x86 chips were dead when it came to smartphones and tablets but that doesn’t seem to be the case now.PCWorld has a report up that tal…

UMIDIGI Z PRO Unveiled at MWC [Hands-On Pics]

The UMIDIGI Z Pro in the first real dual-camera phone made by the Chinese phone company. It’s being shown at MWC right now. While the pre-sale begins, you can grab an UMIDIGI Z Pro at a special price–$50 off to be exact, bringing the price of this flagship to a budget-friendly $249.99. The specs are similar to the Z (but with a dual-camera setup), which includes a Helio X27 2.6GHz deca-core CPU, 4GB RAM, a 3,780mAh battery with USB Type-C fast-charging, plus a 1080p 5.5″ display.The first 13MP Dual-Lens Mediatek Phone
Dual-lens cameras are some of the hottest technology at the moment. The iPhone 7, Huawei P10, Huawei Mate 9 and Xiaomi Mi5s Plus, have some of the best cameras that you’ll find in smartphones today. They also all happen to be dual-lens setups.When we look at Mediatek-powered phones, we usually see phones with a secondary camera that is significantly lower resolution than the primary. These setups aren’t nearly as good as full-blown dual-camera phones.UMIDIGI Z Pro is the …

El primer HTC con pantalla curva puede estar a la vuelta de la esquina

Desde que HTC anunciase que iba a presentar entre 6 y 7 teléfonos móviles en todo este año, quitándose de en medio de la lucha encarnizada por las gamas bajas al igual que hizo Sony en su momento, se comenzó a especular con qué modelos serían los presentados. Reducir el catálogo hacia un número tan selectivo no hizo sino maximizar la atención y las expectativas sobre estos futuros terminales.Ya tenemos alguno entre nosotros, como el HTC U Ultra o el HTC U Play, por lo que la lista se sigue reduciendo. En el horizonte hay un par de modelos o tres, que quizá sean los mismos. El HTC Ocean rumoreado, el HTC Vive Phone del que hemos visto algunos detalles y el HTC 11 que no se sabe aún si existirá o no. Lo único que sabemos ahora es que uno de ellos tendrá la pantalla curva, o eso dice Evan Blass.Edge SenseAsí se llama la característica que aparece en la captura de pantalla que Evan Blass, el célebre y reputado evleaks, ha desvelado a través de su cuenta de Twitter. Se trata de una caracte…